Ludvig Lindblom

I'm a senior front-end developer and creative technologist specializing in UI development, spending most of my time working closely with art directors and UX designers transforming ideas into intuitive, responsive and beautiful interfaces.

I published my first site back in early 1994 - making it one of the first 5000 websites!

Currently, I am Head of Technology at Frank fam, a full-service creative agency in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Ludvig Lindblom - Senior front-end developer and creative technologist

Side projects


Holidays is a Bluesky bot that uses Nager.Date API and ATP API to post upcoming holidays around the world at on Bluesky


Carebot is a Bluesky bot that uses the ATP API to post reminders to take care of yourself at on Bluesky.

Dev Haiku

Dev Haiku is a Bluesky bot that uses OpenAI and the ATP API to post software engineering themed haikus at on Bluesky.

Prata inte med hat i munnen

Just a domain I liked, possibly useful for some sort of anti-bullying campaign. The domain translates to "Don't talk with your mouth full of hate".

Vi gifter oss

The website for my wife's and my wedding back in 2013. It was previously under the domain name (We're getting married, hey!) but out of nostalgia I moved it to a subdomain of my personal domain. The site is in Swedish, and has an Easter egg if you type in the Konami code while on the website (or click the coin graphics while on mobile).

Ludvig Lindblom

My personal domain name, used only as a splash screen of professional information.


I've worked with the hair removal and body care brand Estrid, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority and their Digitalidag initiative, Scandinavian Airlines, business law firm MORE Evander, Swedish consulting firm Consulting it, construction and civil engineering company PEAB, the nonprofit for Children's Rights in Society BRIS, Swedish LGBTQIA+ nonprofit Regnbågsfonden, the Region Stockholm Assembly, Swedish theatre Scalateatern, restaurant chain Urban Deli, Europe's leading kitchen specialist Nobia and their brands Marbodal, Magnet and Norema, Warner Bros owned streaming service Discovery+ and their 2022 campaign for the Swedish professional league for men's association football clubs Allsvenskan, Sweden's only rice refinery Nordic Rice and their brand Risfabriken, XR-focused game publisher Beyond Frames Entertainment, importer/distributor Spring Wine & Spirits, Swedish game studio Noid Games, Swedish gym chain Friskis&Svettis, Los Angeles based consumer goods company fras, the Swedish nonprofit for cancer research Cancerfonden, the secure digital mailbox Kivra, Swedish Council for Higher Education Universitets- och högskolerådet, northern Europe's largest agricultural cooperative Lantmännen, Save the Children Sweden Rädda Barnen, Swedish insurance company Länsförsäkringar, medical consultant Harö-doktorn, Swedish broadcasting company TV4, online reseller of glasses and lenses Lensway, Swedish nonprofit Radiohjälpen, Sweden's Municipalities and Regions SKR, telecommunications company Tre, travel agency Ving, Sweden's postal delivery service PostNord, Swedish Match, Swedish radio channels RIX FM, Bandit Rock, Star FM, Lugna Favoriter and NRJ Sverige, Sweden's largest forum Familjeliv, wedding information and planning site Bröllopstorget, Avicii Arena, Swedish restaurant chain Texas Longhorn, Italian brand of amaro Fernet-Branca, German multinational engineering and technology company Bosch, The Swedish Church, British multinational consumer goods company Unilever, Stockholm University, the operator for the Swedish emergency number SOS Alarm, Swedish heart and lung foundation Hjärt-Lungfonden, and Hard Rock Cafe.